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Monday, 15 June 2009


The hope is that you can have a bit of fun with this, whilst also re-familiarising yourself with your (actually rather good!) productions ... and the language we use as Media students to discuss this.
As you'll see when 20-odd folk start to play film clips, anyone not using headphones will be, quite literally, a bit of a headache - please remember to bring headphones with you to class
The concept for this is simple enough: each pair will in effect produce 4 reviews; each negatively reviews their own work and also praises to the skies the genius that is their partner's work (this must be somebody from another group/production!!!)
For today you will begin looking at the respective film openings, jotting down some impressions/points you can later turn into a review thats both insightful and entertaining...
You can do this either as part of a radio show or of a TV show, perhaps using Film 2009 and Mark Kermode's efforts on the Simon May Show as points of reference - look up if you're unfamiliar with the bequiffed one's award-winning style (of reviewing). You can have a crack at a jingle or two/title sequence if you wish...

If you're doing the radio option you'll need to come up with a loose script and record your voices; if TV, set up your living room to look vaguely like a chat-show set - putting a couple of tables out with the chairs, with a nice glass of water for guest/presenter to sip.
It will work best if you do this as 2 reviewers each presenting your opposing views on the two texts.
The recorded and cut piece will form 1 of the extras on your upcoming Collector's Edition DVD...

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