The purpose of this blog is to outline, and provide resources for, the work we'll do in May, June, July. I've changed this from last year, as we'll be working on Music Video in June/July, but the archive posts are still useful!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009


Given the high level of work you've produced through the year, we aim to see quite a variety of work completed before breaking up for the summer in July. The work is roughly split into two stages:
  1. the Collector's Edition DVD (sleeves, posters, reviews etc) to be burned onto DVD and screened/displayed at the end of next week (Fri 26th periods 1+2 for 12A; Weds 24th period 1 + Fri 26th P3 for 12C)
  2. aim to explore the 3 short film options at the start of the week beginning Mon 29th - and screen the completed films on the last 2 days of lessons (Thurs 16th + Fri 17th)
If you want to get ahead of the game you could start now on the magazine feature, and begin jotting down ideas for the CD/DVD sleeve (artists/tracks; reviews; stills from your film; billing block; BBFC cert + explanatory block; title font; production co logo; narrative blurb; tagline etc), and looking for a film poster to Photoshop your head onto (the Reservoir Dogs pic will be available to use if you haven't any preference) - this, this and this give you the general idea.
I'll post soon on the 3 film options, but we'll discuss these in more detail in 2 weeks time before signing each of you up to one of these 3 film projects - for now focus on the Collector's Edition DVD, featuring some or all of:
  • DVD sleeve
  • CD OST sleeve
  • teaser trailer
  • teaser/main poster/s
  • radio/TV review
  • magazine interview with yourselves as 'emerging young filmmakers'
  • audio commentary
  • [+ Photoshopped version of an existing film poster, where you might be replacing the head of Quentin Tarantino, Hugh Grant or Rene Zellwegger, for example]

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