The purpose of this blog is to outline, and provide resources for, the work we'll do in May, June, July. I've changed this from last year, as we'll be working on Music Video in June/July, but the archive posts are still useful!

Monday, 15 June 2009


You should have a copy of this doc, which summarizes what's to come; in essence, by the time we finish in July you will have (in some cases individually, in others as part of a group) produced a Collector's Edition DVD of your coursework, including:
- new teaser poster/s
- an individual audio commentary
- a DVD and CD OST cover
- teaser trailer/s
- a glowing review of someone else's production and a scathing review of your own, as a feature within a radio or TV show
- a magazine interview with ... yourself, as part of a special of emerging new filmmakers
- and finally, as they say on News at Ten, been part of a new group producing at least 1 short film from a choice of 3... (more on this later)

You should also have put any files you wish to keep into a folder as instructed in the handout

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