The purpose of this blog is to outline, and provide resources for, the work we'll do in May, June, July. I've changed this from last year, as we'll be working on Music Video in June/July, but the archive posts are still useful!

Sunday, 28 June 2009


Lest anyone find themselves as finished as Aki Kaurismaki and awaiting all and sundry to emulate your blissful state of pre-exhibition completion, you could start thinking about ideas for the following filmic concepts (or be considering means of bringing video-recorded-but-health-and-safety-minded harm to fruit/veg for the planned music vid):

  • OI! DENSE OR WHAT?! - take any example/aspect of audience theory (you watched the ad with the gorilla drumming; according to the hypodermic syringe model you rushed straight out and bought a gorilla suit/Phil Collins' Greatest Hits CD, right?) and illustrate it in any way you see fit. Fortunately, as an active audience member, I was completely unaffected by the potent ideological messages encoded in the cult classic Leningrad Cowboys Go America, viewing it simply for my own uses and gratifications. You can try this exercise, or look at some overviews (mediaknowall, mediaed, northallertoncoll), or download this fairly comprehensive overview.
  • THIS IS YORKSHIRE - ee by gum...could be a short documentary, a series of vox pops (asking for views/definitions of Yorkshire or some aspect of it), a tribute to Last of the Summer Wine (about to be resurrected once again, yay!), a quest for Amos Brailey's whiskers, a drama centred on aspects of the stereotype (a parsimonious superhero with magical flatcap?), a recorded walk and talk along any of the many picturesque routes hereabouts, an historical re-enactment, Richard Curtisland re-imagined as Yorkshire...

  • MEDI(AN)ATION - the world has rarely seen a happier, smilier bunch than the Media Studies cohort, and I just know some of you would like to reflect on what the subject is all about, what you've learned, what weird and wonderful things have been produced by yourselves and others (and what's about to be produced; like the AC/DC album, you could do the proverbial Fly on the Wall doc), what's surprised you, where it's going to take you, how it's changed the way you look at things, what you'd like to learn more about, and/or riff on some aspect of Media that you're particularly influenced by/a fan of
You will have under 3 weeks to ponder, plan, produce and exhibit this latest masterpiece; guerrilla film-making at its finest...

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