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Friday, 19 June 2009


Having honed your Photoshop skills with practice on the RDogs posters, and any other additional doctored posters you may have tweaked to star in, its time now to give your own film the poster treatment, perhaps taking inspiration from the legendary poster pictured above. Ahem.
You can tackle this two ways: a set of 'teaser' posters or a main promotional poster. Teaser posters are centred on the concept of narrative enigma: they aim to arouse interest in a film in the weeks or months before release without giving too much away. Often this might mean a single image - featuring one of the stars - plus one or more of: a tagline/quote from the movie/release date/website URL.

A main poster will typically feature some combination of: image/s from the film; a 'billing block' (the very small-print details of cast/crew you always see on a DVD cover); star/director/producer (according to who has highest profile, eg producer Michael Bay often takes billing above stars in his action movies) names; title; tagline (a clever, short phrase/sentence); reviews; company and technical logos...
I've compiled two guides to this - a simple visual guide to measurements and a more detailed breakdown of what to include in posters, sleeves etc. There's also an article on the art of posters (and you'll have seen many books of film poster art for about a fiver in bookshops I'm sure) - click here to see all 3 docs.

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