The purpose of this blog is to outline, and provide resources for, the work we'll do in May, June, July. I've changed this from last year, as we'll be working on Music Video in June/July, but the archive posts are still useful!

Monday, 10 May 2010

Lessons from May 11th-14th

After you return from study leave we'll be focussing on Music Videos - thus the blond wig...
Before then, however, I'd like you to reflect on your year in Media as well as begin to explore the use of Photoshop.
Tasks for the week then will include:
  1. designing a poster for your film (I'll see how many have used Photoshop before and do a lesson on this if it seems necessary)
  2. Co-Op Film Fest entries!
  3. video intros for your film
  4. video snapshots of what you've learned/demonstrations of what you've learned/how your view of the media - or how you 'consume' it - has changed
  5. if there's time, video questions for a quiz I can use with next year's AS!

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